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Hello! And welcome to Bring Your Own Hammer. We’re Braden and C.C., a husband and wife team renovating our home together.

In 2019, we bought a 1950s farmhouse on 2 acres in rural North Carolina. The house has great bones, as they say, but needs a lot of work. Shortly after moving in, we took down a few walls but felt overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of us. After getting married in late 2019, we were finally ready to dive right into our renovations.

Our 1950s farmhouse in rural North Carolina

What makes us qualified to tell you about renovating homes? Pretty much nothing. We’re not experts in the field, we’re just avid hobbyists who want to make this house as good as it can be. Braden has quite a few skills from carpentry to plumbing to wiring. C.C. took a carpentry class at a local community college and is eagerly learning as the project goes along.

Every week, we will be sharing our projects in the house. From full-room renovations to small projects, we’ll share what we learn with you, our reader, along the way.

We hope that you, our reader, can gain valuable information from Bring Your Own Hammer to use on your own home projects. Our mission is to provide realistic accounts of our projects – the good, the bad, the ugly. Most of all, we take the budget seriously. It’s easy to do home renovations on an infinite budget, but we know that’s not realistic. You won’t see any unrealistic budgets here.

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