BYOH Approved: Top 5 Home Design Trends of 2020

Yes, we know it’s February, but it’s never too late to talk about the top home design trends of 2020. Here at BYOH, we have a lot (and sometimes differing opinions) on what is stylish and what is not. Some of the trends that are coming out are, well, we’ll just say not our style.

When it comes to home design trends, we tend to look for something that’s a little more timeless and sustainable. We’re not the types to encourage overly trendy home designs that will go out of style by next year. We’ve gone through the best-of lists to come up with some of the best (and hopefully longest-lasting) design trends for 2020.

1. Mixing old and new

Room layering done beautifully
Source: Apartment Therapy

We’ve been trendy for years without even knowing it! This year, one of the biggest design trends is mixing old items carefully with new items. The design term for it is “layering” but I like to call it “controlled hoarding.” As fans of history, mid-century modern, and deals at thrift stores, this is the perfect trend for us. It’s a great way to showcase treasured items and family heirlooms without overpowering a room.

Even better, is that this trend doesn’t have a preference of what sort of old items to layer. If you prefer more bohemian items, that’s perfect. If you are really into paintings of ships from the 1800s, that’s cool, too. The layering trend cares not of what historical items you have, just as long as you be sure to balance them with more modern items. Also, don’t overdo it. There’s a fine line between style and hoarding.

2. Bold patterned walls

A bold botanical print wallpaper
Source: Spoonflower

This is one of my (C.C.) favorite design trends of this year. I have always been a huge fan of bold fun patterns (Braden, not so much). Homes are supposed to be fun, right? Now, I know people feel very strongly about wallpaper, but wallpaper options have improved! We have stick-on wallpaper now, or the traditional pasted wallpaper, depending on how into it you want to get.

Furthermore, there are so many choices out there now. We’re custom-ordering a bold (and a little vintage) botanical pattern for our bathroom from Spoonflower. Take a sneak peek here! This site has an endless amount of fun pattern possibilities for your next home design project.

3. Wicker or rattan furniture

Rattan console nestled amongst plants
Source: Pier 1

Okay, to be totally honest here: I’ve always loved wicker and rattan furniture. The influence of 70s-era style has been persistent in my own style, both in my wardrobe and home. Given that people are looking for simple, yet fun, furniture for their homes that include an earthy feel, wicker and rattan are no-brainers. Even better: we love that wicker and rattan furniture can be found in thrift stores and sourced second-hand easily! What a great way to be eco-conscious, budget-friendly, AND on-trend.

4. Still loving nature in design trends for 2020

Nature-inspired prints and fabrics featured in this living room
Source: Anthropologie

Between fiddle-leaf figs and monsteras, large houseplants have been having a moment in home design the past few years. 2020 is no different, but now it’s moving beyond live plants. Of course, live houseplants are still very much on-trend, but now people are seeking nature in other places in the home as well. Folks are choosing textures, art, and fabric patterns that remind them of the great outdoors.

5. Statement ceilings

We still love pink in 2020 – and a bright ceiling
Source: the HGTV 2019 Urban Oasis Home

Why should walls have all the fun? Statement ceilings are having a moment for design trends in 2020. Bright colors, patterns, and prints on the ceiling are all the rage this year. Who am I to knock it? I think it’s a fun contrast to the normal white-or-neutral ceiling colors that are the norm for home design. Why not do something a little different and have fun with it?

Looking at the year ahead in design trends

It seems as though we’re moving away from the stark minimalism of the more Scandinavian styles that have been wildly popular over the past several years. Instead, we’re mixing the items we have with the items that were frowned on in the past – i.e. more texture and history. The trends are still leaning toward simple and functional rooms, but with textures, patterns, and colors that make us happy and make us feel more at home. We at BYOH are excited for what the rest of the year has in store for us!

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