Remember that time we sold our brand new house in the city for a 1950s farmhouse that needed a lot of work in the country? We do, too!

We’re Braden and C.C., owners of never-ending home renovation and DIY projects. We’re determined to build our dream home out of this lovely farmhouse. More importantly, we have a budget to keep. This blog isn’t about having half a million dollars to sink in a house. We’re normal people, we promise.

Although we are not experts in the field, we’re learning as we go and enjoying the journey. Braden knows a little bit about everything – carpentry, plumbing, wiring – the list goes on. C.C. had literally never used a power tool before, but is determined to learn!

Want to see all the before pictures and learn more about our property? Check out one of our first posts about our home walkthrough.

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